Getting Our Feet Under Us in the Lake District

It was with some trepidation that I set out this morning. I’m with a group of pretty intense walkers for the most part…some of whom are primarily legs and lungs. And, while we were making our final gear adjustments the rain began. I don’t really mind walking in the rain, but when exertion is added in, even with my Marmot rain jacket, I can get terribly sweat. Who enjoys that?

However, my fears were soon laid to rest as this turned out to be an adjustment day…a day to recover from traveling and to adjust to walking in the Lakes terrain, meaning that we stayed low (about 275m of ascent). And, the rain stopped! We did have distance, at just over 12 miles.

We started at the front door of our accommodations, Hassness Country House, and I was prepared for this this time, unlike in Wales! We walked alongside the east shore of Lake Buttermere, up a low ridge, along Crummock Water to a pub, church and graveyard at the end of this lake where we had lunch. We then headed to the remote Mosedale valley and returned along the west shores of these lakes. All of this is sheep country. Only the last mile seemed tiring as it was through rocky bog land, meaning we really had to pay attention to where we were stepping when we were our most tired. However, all went well and we returned to Hassness, where I learned it’s custom to have tea and cake following a walk…that tasted wonderful! It gave us just enough energy to wash away the fatigue of the day and then sit down for supper, where we dined on beet root, goat cheese and basil leaf salad followed with roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes, cabbage and an orange root crop I don’t remember the name of and then chocolate torte and toasted almond cream. I’m not sure I worked hard enough to have burned off that many calories!

Following tea in the lounge we had a fun quiz..the questions were well outside my range of knowledge with only a couple of exceptions. Maybe I should offer to make up a Canadian or American quiz!

Reades of this blog will realize that I’ve not written about two days of this journey. This will be corrected and photos will be added. I hope to complete the writing over the next couple of days, however, the photos will likely have to wait until I’m home again….just takes tooooo long to add them.

Tomorrow is supposed to bring rain – such a contrast to our lovely clear day today, but it may clear off in time for a good start.The walk will be about the same length, but with a little more altitude gain. Looking forward to it.



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