My Friend, Liz

My friend Liz, from our West Highland Way walk of a few years ago and her sister, Marg, met me at the Stroud train station and we recognized each other instantly! What fun to see Liz again! I think we picked up right where we left off all those years ago.

She and Marg live in the village of Uley so that’s where we headed right away, for lunch and to get ourselves together for an afternoon walk. We walked up the Uley Bury first. This was the site of an ancient Roman fort, nothing of which remains today except what appears to be the old chariot track around the outside of the site.

imageThe views of the scenery below were exquisite…

With the River Severn in the background.

Following this we went down and then, of course, up again, reaching Cam……I’ll add the proper name in a bit. Lovely scenery her which we thoroughly enjoyed before heading back to town, where the town mascot, a gorilla, was pleased to greet us from atop a stone wall filled with self-seeded wildflowers…

…sorry…photos to come later…

Then it was back to Liz’s for good conversation over a delicious dinner. Time with a good friend, a nice walk,mood food…a great day!



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