A day of Recovery

Exhaustion hit yesterday afternoon and I could only manage to crawl back to the flat and crash for the afternoon.

The day began well with walking to the Sir John Soane Museum, suggested in Cardiff by Nick. If I remember the facts correctly, he was an architect in the 19th C, a professor, and a great collector of art. He travelled on one buying trip to Europe, but otherwise bought at auctions in and around London. He put together an large, eclectic collection, all in his home where he would invite his students to study and draw from among his collection.

He and his wife had two sons; one died early and the other was more of a rebel. Soane decided to leave his home and collection and money to maintain it and keep it open to the public to the city versus leaving it to his troublesome son and that’s how it remains today…just as he left it. It’s a good chance to see inside a household functioning in old London…old stoves, beautiful antique furniture, some dishes and to admire the collection. A nice off-the-regular-sight-seeing stop.

From there, I was on the march to find salt tablets. Since I have no access to the Internet without wifi, I wrote out the directions provided by Google Maps before leaving.

…drat…I though the wifi where I am would let me add photos, but not so at the moment. I’ll try again another time. Sorry for just my blabbering on now taking over…

It was about a three-mile walk, should be do-able with such specific directions. In fact, it was quite easy with the only times I was in doubt being on the longer distances, when I was one block short each time. There were a few wrong turns, but nothing not easily corrected. This was an interesting block….all part of Google Map’s route…


Three miles later, there, just where it was supposed to be was the shop that online had assured me had what I was looking for. But, no…not so. Neither did the running store next door or the hiking shop down the street. By then, I could have used one 🙂

Time to find lunch. I was in the Spittlefield Market area and lots of food trucks were around, but I wanted a nice table to sit at so I chose a Greek restaurant. Delicious!


After this much-needed lunch break I hoisted myself up and through the streets to the Liverpool Station and took the tube back to the flat. Within minutes I was sound asleep and stayed that way until moments before Sara came back from work. After debriefing each other about our day (her’s was much more action-packed than mine), we walked a couple of blocks to a corner restaurant for a light supper. Then, within minutes…more sleep for me 🙂

I’m happy to report that all that sleeping seems to have done its work. With Sara’s help I managed the taxi to Paddington Station, sorting out things there, buying lunch and getting myself on the right train, now nearing Stroud. Time to pack up the ol’ iPad and be ready to meet my friend, Liz, my walking buddy from our West Highlands Way walk with Ramblers Holidays from a few years ago. Looking forward a to nice visit and some walking in the Cotswolds.





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