Feet Up, a Day of Rest at the Beach

Sara and I and a few of the other walkers decided against walking yesterday. The route sounded alright, but it was more coastal walking and then walking through some agricultural fields and that description just didn’t measure up to finding a local beach and enjoying some salt water and sun. Others went shopping and touring around, but Sara and I headed for the shore near The Cliff Hotel (where we were staying)


and, after some looking, found a set of steps carved from rocks down to a cove with a small beach.

We spent a couple of hours here, with Sara swimming and me writing and knitting. I was thankful to give my blistered feet a rest…turns out my blister count after our Pembrokeshire Coast walk was actually four. My concern is getting the ol’ tootsies back in shape for my upcoming Lake District walk.

After this we cleaned up and took a taxi to St. Dogmael’s, where the walkers were to finish their day. Sara and I had lunch at the cafe of the St. Dogmael’s Abbey ruins cafe, then toured the abbey and the active old, but active St. Dogmael’s church.

There was a small display inside of used books for sale and, of all things, I found a book of WWII stories by servicemen, which is now my reading material.

The group arrived precisely on time, an amazing feat given that it was a 10 mile walk, and after they’d had a rest, we all went back to our hotel by bus. Dinner, another three-course meal, was at 7p as always. We started our usual pre-dinner meeting a little differently, by presenting Mike with a card of thanks and collected tips. He seems to have enjoyed our group. His wife, Pat, was along and she had served as our “back marker,” keeping us altogether as a group. Later, at dinner, Mike remarked that he’d have liked our group to have a couple more days together. He thought there must be a trail in the Pensilli (probably spelled incorrectly) hills that could be included on this particular holiday of Ramblers Holidays. That would be an interesting walk as that’s where the Stonehenge stones began their travels to the south of England.

Anyway, a nice dinner of tomato and basil soup, salmon with paella and a chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and raspberries and good company. I’m sure all those calories will get used up down the road a bit.


One thought on “Feet Up, a Day of Rest at the Beach

  1. Caught up on your blog today- a cool and rainy Sunday in Wpg. The coastal scenery in Wales is spectacular! Enjoyed the stories about your father. Sounds like you are getting great walking weather but surprised it’s been so hot this early in the spring– we’ve had quite a cool spring so far on the prairies.. glad to hear you have made a remarkable recovery following knee surgery!

    I was pleased you mentioned the similarities of some of the sights with those you’ve seen in Cape Breton. Katherine and I are going there in late June after the History Board meetings in Digby (Digby Pines Hotel) and the Annapolis Valley. We have so far only booked the car and first night’s accommodations at a B&B in Antigonish. If you have any suggested must see stops please drop me a line. Looking forward to more of your blogs along the way. Hope your IPad holds out! Take care of those blisters!!


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