Yesterday’s Walk: Pembrokeshire Coast Trail

We began with our usual bus ride to the trailhead, this time in the tiny hamlet of Cumtydu. After we all got ourselves straightened out (sunscreen on, hats on, water pipes hooked on, biking gloves on, neckerchief on, sunglasses on, boots snugly on) we set off, or up, as was this case. Our walk to the top of a headland was accomplished by (only) two (long) switchbacks. But, once there we had a nice view of the inlet below.

Carrying on, we soon arrived high enough to see our path before us.



Although we didn’t know it at the point Sara took this photo of me, our lunch destination was beyond the peninsula in the distance (above).

We had a morning rest stop and I got busy and applied Compeed to what felt like a blister beginning on my right heel. And, then ate apples, grapes and a mound of chocolate finger cookies, washed down with Cytomax and tea.

Sara, walking out from our lunch stop and our gang, having a little lesson in how to use poles whilst (hehe) going downhill:

So, we continued walking toward the peninsula, eventually arriving.

imageIt was a pretty sight, with the three sailing boats and there were two seals in the harbour. We’d passed hundreds of jellyfish along our walk, drifting far below in the water. They looked to be white and transparent and must have been huge – to look so huge from so far away.

At this point along the trail, the sign pointed up to the top of the hill just out of this photo, to the left. Mike wasn’t sure whether this was correct and given the distance we’d walked and the steeply rising temperature, some of us were wishing he’d check it out without us, but we dutifully followed. Once at the top it seemed to not be right so down we came, but a little further along the trail, we could see how that would have worked, albeit with a steep downhill.

From this point we could turn around to see where we’d been…we’d walked all of this…


The temperature was rising…we found out today that it had gotten to 92…and when we came across this view…

image …it looked like an oasis before us. Turned out that this was where Mike had planned our lunch stop, so we scurried down the hill and onto the bench in the shade, beachside of the smaller building along the beach and got serious about restoring lost calories.

Notice the hill on the far side of the inlet? That was our after lunch walk and if I’m not mistaken, we also covered the hilly meadow beyond.

By this time, most of us were beginning to flag (there were a few choice words heard going up that exposed meadow 🙂 Sara and I had long ago taken a salt tablet each, which really helped restore our energy, but they only last so long in this heat, climbing and distance.

From here, our path was pretty much up and down and up and down and up and down. We eventually came to Penbryn, a town of one shop and maybe that many houses on a beach inlet (likely popular is summer) and restocked up on deliciously cold water. An interesting part of the walk came after this as we entered a beautiful wood. Turns out, in a month a Jurassic Park film is to be filmed there…seemed like a perfect setting and we half expected a dinosaur to roar at us through the dense ferns, shrubs and trees.

Within a bit, here was the next “up” greeting us…


Following this we had another mile or so. Our bus was waiting for us at our pick up point in Tresaith, with the AC running, which I really appreciated. On the bus I took a sip of water and found that my 2gal Dromedary was all but dry. Perfect timing, but also a little unnerving to run out of water.

Back at the hotel I gingerly took off my boots, wool socks, liner socks and compression socklets to have a look at my feet. Well, my right foot as that was the one giving me grief throughout the day. An impressive blister under my Compeed, I think!


All in all, a good walking day of only 9.25m, but in the heat, a bit of a slog near the end.


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